No body exactly knows the exact figure of malnourished arsenic affected population of Bangladesh. But now two third of country's ground water is contaminated with arsenic and about 70 million in Bangladesh and 20 million in India drinking water more than 50 g/l arsenic. But the latest toxicological studies reveal that even lower level is linked to bladder, liver, kidney and colon cancer.

The world is ignoring to "see" how millions of human beings are facing deaths after innumerable suffering.
"Civilised laws" say polluter must pay. But, who is going to pay for the suffering of one of the poorest populations of the world?

The World Bank, UNESCO and their associates are not willing to assist this project. Can you imagine - how your tax money is misused?

You can assist the project with:

  • Your moral support ;
  • Raise awareness of your tax money that is supposed to help the developing countries- development does not mean   what  the First world wants but according to a country's need that does not displace nature and traditional society;
  • Social and cultural partnership
  • Financial support like arranging concerts, films cultural and social events or individual support.
  • Partnership with the affected villages
  • You can donate educational materials for schools i. E. old computers, books etc.
  • Co-operate with the project - active help for the poor women and children
  • Contribute by analysing water, soil, fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Donate test kits for arsenic, heavy metals, colio-bacteria;
  • Institutional co-operation;
  • A village in Brandenburg Germany intends to help a village in Bangladesh by contributing financial help for rainwater harvesting. A rainwater collector for a family costs about US Dollars 20.
  • More ideas from you.

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struggle for truth


Truth has few friends,
But those who abide in her, have the courage of ten.

The winds of autmn will blow on our lives, rattling windows with chilly hands;
And winter will fling its cold blanket over our green hopes.
But truth will not utterly die
She will not lie for the sake of convenience.

In the end, truth will stand with God,
Holy and unashamed.

She will laugh long and loud at fear and death,
Which tried hard to kill the souls of her servants.
Anne Guerra

Thank you Anne

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