Extentive use of pesticides in edible items causing health hazards

Extensive use of pesticides in almost all cereals and vegetable crops has been causing serious problems for the human healths here for long. Pesticides are being used extensively on paddy mango, pumpkin, goava, blackberry, different species of vegetables, ladiesfinger date and palanshakh, watermelon, pulse, bringal, chilli, corola, different species of beans, potato, tomato, cauliflower cabages, jackfruits and other green vegetable fruits which are found all round the year. Pesticides are being widely used or sprayed in various kinds of fruits like banana for hurrieadly repining.

The farmers can not expect good output of their crops without using chemicals. Due to continuous use of pesticides in different edible vegetables various diseases are broken out among the population.
In this connection agricultural experts opine that the effect of the pesticides on crops lasts long for months together but one should not eat any raw or cooked rice or vegetable at least for one month after spaying the pesticides becaue, the ingredients of the pesticides are affect the people in various ways.

Dr. Nargis Rahman child specialist and in charge of Civil Surgeon, RMO. Dr. Md. Abdus Samad, Dr Md. Jahidur Rahman, Gyn. Specialist Dr. Nikunja Golder, Dr. Md. Moshiur Rahman Babu, Dr. Amita Saha, Dr. Abdul Kader Jashim orthopedic consultant Dr. Md. Abdur Rouf, Dr. Maya Ranin eye consultant Dr. Monoj Bose, Dr. Sanjit Kumar Saha and Dr. Swapon Kumar Ray of Narail Sadar Hospital unanimously passed the comments that different complicated diseases specially kidney, liver, heart diseases, cancer and blood cancer and narvous system, skin diseases are spreading fast due to consumption of adulterated cereals and vegetables.

Another bad effect of pesticides is found on fish cultivated in ponds and in a large scale in canals.

The pesticides sprayed in the cropfields are pouring into the canals, ponds, beels haors, rivers and other waterbodes during the rainy season which are affecting not only fish but also fish fry and fish production. Due to this different types of fish diseases are found breaking out in ar epidemic form in fish after departure of the of the rainy season.

Not only cows and goats but the poultry birds are also affected due rampant use of pesticides in cropfields. As a result the cows, goats, fruit living birds, poultry birds cereals, forest living creatures and soon are the victims of pesticides.

Vegetables are being consumed by any person who becomes the victim of poison. In addition different pesticides are being smuggled into our country through the different area which are being sold freely in different rural hats and bazars and upazila even district town by the very nose of the law enforcing agencies.

The experts opine that the use of pesticides should be stopped by applying law to save healthy environment and ecological imbalance. Particularly five kinds of pesticides of India which are banned there for its dangerous harms for all sorts creatures are coming into Bangladesh rampantly (The Bangladesh Observer, July 9, 2006).

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